Monday, February 1, 2010

Flash test

Over the weekend I was playing with my strobes. Just experimenting with different placements of all the units... since I don't tend to get the chance to use them that often. It started with me photographing my wife... I got some nice results in a short amount of time, and decided to wrap it up. But the next day I had one last idea of putting the strobe up high in the air and turning down the power. I only took one picture before I went inside to look at it.

The reason for the post is actually to showcase a very weird result I got from playing in the RAW photo editor in Photoshop. The above photo is the photo as it came off my camera. Below is the same photo after a few tweaks in the RAW editor.

This last photo is again, the same photo, after experimenting with the luminance sliders. I got something I thought was pretty F'ing crazy... it looks like me... but old! Or me after sitting in the sun for a year. Anyways. I just wanted to share.

And on a side note, I've decided to become less picky with photo jobs... so if anyone out there needs portraits or head shots... or something completely bizarre and ridiculous photographed, (yes please!), email me.

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Hey Luke!
I'm enjoying your posts.