Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Love Me Nots @ Martini Ranch

Booked as the premiere of their new music video, the Love Me Nots managed to nearly fill the Martini Ranch on Friday night. I've heard OF this band, and remembered seeing them on the cover of the New Times a while back... but have never actually seen them live. Two people I mentioned the band to both said "Oh, everyone loves the Love Me Nots". To clarify, they are a local Phoenix band that has made good, and scored a deal on one of the smaller labels.

Helmed by a sparkle stocking-clad, dark haired, Farfisa playing, animated female lead singer... the band takes on a fairly unique look outside of today's boring rock fads. All four members add to the 60's throwback aesthetic, and all brought their own entertaining feel to the stage. I was more intrigued by this band than I thought I'd be. The band calls their sound “spy-surf-fuzz-gogo.”

I stayed for most of the set., partially because the lighting made it tricky to get good shots of Nicole Laurenne, lead vocals... lots of back lighting on this stage... so I had to snap photos every chance I got. But I did have a good time listening to the music. It was all very catchy and uppity... even if it did start to get slightly repetitive... but it kept the crowd happy. I don't think you can have much of a lull in the set when drunk Scottsdalieans are involved.

All in all it was a good show. You can really tell the difference between the 86 million local bands that just throw themselves on any stage in this city, and the 5 or 6 who are polished enough to get signed. You can tell the ones who've taken the time to put something special together. Good on you Love Me Nots.

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