Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zack Holwerda

My brother Zack is a professional bull rider and fisherman... and this weekend we put together some photos of him for promotional and sponsorship purposes. This gave me the opportunity to get out my strobes once again and do some experimenting.

The first thing we did was the very clean and surgical looking promo shots on a white background. Which basically, just requires a lot of purposefully placed light.

Second, was a technique I've wanted to play with... using a flash in the day light. I wanted to get the blue sky in the background, and still have Zack lit... but not by the harsh sunlight. We used a white coated umbrella for this. I warmed it up a bit in Photoshop. (The photo above was to accentuate the watch)

The last photo is just to exhibit how ridiculously sharp this Canon 5D MkII can be in the right circumstances. Things like this make me happy I have this camera. This photo is a crop of one of the photos above. Amazing. To me anyways.

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