Monday, February 22, 2010

Story Of The Year @ ASU

Done as sort of a last minute, thrown together quickly, almost didn't happen sort of deal, I worked with my brother Gus on a pre-show acoustic performance by the band Story Of The Year. The band was performing Friday night at the Devilpalooza show on the Arizona State University, and are promoting their brand new album, "The Constant".

Until we literally showed up with our gear, we didn't know if the thing would happen. We couldn't secure a location, the band wasn't sure they'd have the time to do it, and we didn't have anytime to plan anything. In the mix, I forgot my tripod, so my footage is all handheld. Not terrible, not great. Our good friend John Clay helped us out by working the soundboard, but not before his truck snapped a ball joint, and curled his front tire underneath itself. It was one of those days. John's theory was the curse of Biggie Smalls out to get him... having just listened to his entire discography before breakdown.

Click on here or on the title to watch in HD.

Once we were set up, things went ok. Gus shot on the RED One camera, and I shot on my trusty 5D MkII. We threw down 2 shure 57's and used a Shure 58 to mic the vocals. We also had a shotgun mic on a boom set to catch the ambient room noise and backing vocals. Which worked nicely.

Full story on the New Times page here.

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