Monday, June 8, 2009

Photo in Spin Magazine **False alarm**

**OK, I posted this yesterday and have to revise it. I went to pick up a hard copy of the mag, and my photos aren't in it. ONLY in the online copy. :( **

Covering the Coachella Festival for was one of my favorite assignments ever. Lots of cool bands and fun experiences. Today I found out that one of my photos from that weekend got published in the magazine! (I did not shoot the cover) I haven't even seen it yet in person, but it appears to be a full 2-page large color photo. It's a photo of The Cure. Really, just the guitarist, and huge plume of smoke. But it was neat. Here it is, courtesy of

I didn't get a lot of time for any sort of touch up on the Coachella photos. It was all in the moment, a rush to upload content on line... not a lot of time for any editing. That said, had I known the photo was going to show up in the mag, I would have spent some time cleaning it up. But what can you do? Its in there. My name is on it. (And actually also on a photo of Leonard Cohen... which I did not take.)

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