Friday, June 26, 2009

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood @ Arena

Just got back from shooting Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. I wish I could say, "Holy crap, what a totally awesome and amazing show!"... but something I always forget to mention on this blog is the trouble you can run into being a photographer. At most shows, you are given a set of restrictions; only shoot the first three songs... only shoot from one side of the stage or the other... don't shoot Don Henley while he is walking on to the stage. That sort of thing. And sometimes we have to shoot from the back of the house at arena.

For this show, that means shooting from beside the soundboard. Three-quarters of the way back on the floor, behind a crowd of people. So we need to bring a "long lens"... meaning, it zooms in really far. In this case, I used a 100-400mm lens. Even tho that is a rediculous zoom, its still not quite long enough to get in close. Which is what the performers generally like. Dont show the age and wrinkles and all that. But who really cares right? Its ERIC CLAPTON! (Below was my view at the start of the show)

So the photos aren't what they could have been. And I believe its slightly to the detriment of the performer... since the press doesn't look great because of it. Not that I think Mr. Clapton needs to worry about press. But still.

The other thing that I rarely mention... is my answer to "So, how was the show?" Generally, I'm so caught up with 'getting the shot', that I cant pay attention to the music. However, I will say at this show, I DID notice that Steve Winwood can seriously jam on the guitar! He had the chops to keep up with Clapton, and thats saying something. Clapton would smile every time Winwood would get complex or fast. That was pretty cool. And like I almost always usually say, I wish I could have watched more. Having lost a music legend this week, I would have liked to say I watched an entire Eric Clapton concert in person. 

On a lighter note, what's the deal with this press pass? Could we not spend a few dollars on design? :)

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