Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jay-Z @ Dodge Theatre

Jay-Z is arguably one of the most successful rappers around today... as demonstrated tonight by filling the Dodge Theatre. I don't know what it is about rap shows, but they always start late. Nearly an hour after he was supposed to go on. But hey, all in good fun. Or something.

One thing rappers understand is the connection to their audience. Rappers always make it a point to actually reach out and physically touch their fans. A hand shake or a fist pound. But it gives each performance that personal touch for the fans. Jay-Z has the bank roll to take it that one step bigger... humongous video screens. I am a fan of screens... it just ads something to the show. It changes is up. Makes it more interesting. But, it also lets the chump in the back row still be able to have a good time.

While I can't follow every lyric, Jay-Z made it a point to say that he does not use "auto-tune" vocal software. He also pointed out that he can't sing on key, then demonstrated it by just not even trying. But hey, it's "real" right?

This was another show with photo restrictions. We were only allowed to shoot the first 2 songs, and we shot from the sound board. But this time, at the Dodge, the sound board was actually above the level of the stage. This made for some cool angles, and gave me the chance to get some shots of the fans in the pics with Jay-Z. But, the other thing about rap shows, everyone has to be hard. So just before the end of the second song, one of Jay-Z's "posse" came out and smacked me on the back and said "YOU'RE DONE!" To which I said, "Yep. That was the plan." Anyways, all in all, it was a pretty easy shoot, just wish I was up closer.

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