Sunday, July 19, 2009

Killswitch Engage backstage @ Cricket Pavilion

Friday was the Rockstar Mayhem Fest at Cricket Pavilion. I didn't end up shooting it for the New Times, but my pal at the AZ Republic, Jim Louvau asked me along to assist on a few backstage band photo shoots. These are just a few pics from the 10 minutes we had with Killswitch Engage.

Things were a little hectic. There really wasn't anywhere to set up the lights that I brought, so the shoots ended up being really quick and chaotic. We had a lot less time with each band than we thought. We actually ended up shooting All That Remains also, but it happened so fast that I didn't even get my camera out.

The Killswitch Engage shoot was just in their dressing room. We just threw them up against the most interesting looking wall and snapped a few off. They were cool with it, and did whatever we asked them to. I basically just documented the happenings. Check out the rock star food. Neat.

One of these buses was Slayer. Rock.

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