Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loretta Lynn @ Celebrity Theatre

This was a classic country show. All the banter and comedy of the old country concerts you remember from your childhood. It was a change of pace for me. This was a very carefully planned show, all the musicians were perfectly on time and in key. Songs started with very minimal pauses, jest enough time in between for some jokes and patter with the audience. 

Loretta is a country icon. She is the Coal Miners Daughter. The crowd was super receptive and appreciative to her presence, while at the same time, very respectful. Loretta was joined by her son and one of her daughters. Each got to sing a number of songs at the start of the show... then worked as back up in the band. When Loretta walked on to the stage, after waiting for the moving stage to rotate to her position, the crowd stood up and gave her a warm welcome.

She was sodding entertaining and surprisingly on key. Loretta would hold the microphone by the small end, and when she would sing a higher or louder note, she would sort of "flick" the mic away from her face, rather than the 'traditional' tilt your head back or pull the mic away. Just an interesting note. While she was very comedic and entertaining, she tended to stay in one place. This gave me an opportunity to set up my camera for an HDR pic. See below for a 'before and after' comparison. 

Shooting at the Celebrity Theatre is always interesting. The use of spot lights always make for semi-uninteresting photos. Since the spot really drowns everything else out. But I managed to play with the shutter speeds and get some interesting shots. I also got to shoot from the small balcony above the ramp onto the stage, so I got a neat perspective. 

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