Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mars Volta @ Dodge Theatre

The last time The Mars Volta were in town I did shoot them... however, about 30 seconds in, lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala had me and the other photogs kicked out. So I wasn't "excited" to shoot them this time around, but I did WANT to get some shots. I managed to get a few this time around, and luckily I wasn't kicked out this time.

I'm not a fan of The Mars Volta, but they're one of those bands I'm pretty sure I would like if I gave them a chance. I'd heard a few songs, and pretty much liked what I heard... but after the diva moment Cedric had last time I saw them, I really haven't had the urge to take that step. All that aside, I could dig what I heard at this show. Maybe it's time I download an album.

Before any show, I usually have time to look around the stage, eye the gear, and see what sort of lights are going to be used. The Mars Volta didn't bring much with them... it was basically the house lights with a few strobes, floods, and some colored lights on the side of the stage. All the lights were pretty much pointed OUT towards the audience. So I was ready for a tough job getting any good pics. But there were moments.

The band was good. I want to know more about them. The crowd (1300 in a 5000+ venue) was small, but devoted. People were basically crying in the front row when the lights went down. I don't think I'll ever be that into them, but might as well give them a chance. Any time I see an original Digitech Whammy on stage, I think I can appreciate that band.

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