Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doctor Poncho

A number of weeks ago, my wife and I woke up and decided it was time for another dog in the house. Something small, and we wanted it to be a rescue dog. So we took a trip down to the pound and went looking. What a dreary task that became... searching through bunches of sad dogs in cages. But we had to save one. We finally settled on this little guy... a scruffy little wire brush we've since named Doctor Poncho. From what we could determine by looking at pics online, we are pretty sure he is a Border Terrier mix. What really did it for us was his little, wiry curled up tail... it would just sort of sway back and forth when he wagged it. We call it his "Q".

The reason I decided to post some photos... this poor dog, after we got him from the pound had gone through every puppy sickness imaginable: kennel cough, upper respiratory infection, infected neuter wound, high fever, even Parvo Virus! After one healthy day being at home with us, he started showing signs of being really sick... and for roughly the next month it was a terrible downhill slope for him, ending with him being hospitalized.

Eventually, he started to pull through it with the help of medications and lots of care. Not to jinx the situation, but he seems to fully recharged. He's happy, active, and his Q stays up all the time. I decided to grab a flash and get some pictures of the little guy just hanging out on the floor in my living room. I turned a lot of these black and white just because I liked the look of it.

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