Monday, September 28, 2009

Fit For Rivals "Damage" Video Shoot - Day 1

My friend Thomas Amason and I have worked on a few projects in the past...most notably, "The Zoo", a nearly network-ready comedy cartoon, starring the voice talent of numerous rock stars. Thomas' other big project is his band "Fit For Rivals"... who are in talks with a number of major labels. We are currently shooting the band's first music video. The song is called "Damage" and the video is turning out to be amazing!

For a number of weeks prior... Thomas, the band, my brother Gus, and myself have been working on preproduction and script writing. The video in a nutshell is about a girl who has found herself in a bad situation, which has led ultimately to her insanity, resulting in a forced residency locked inside a padded cell in a loony bin, straight jacket and giant needles included!

There will also be a live band element taking place in a large silver walled warehouse. But for the first day of shooting, we focused solely on the loony bin / padded cell scenes.

As the weeks of preproduction came together... makeup and costume applied...and the set was constructed, it very evident we were on the right track. Everything was looking amazing.

We built a padded cell with 8 foot tall panels, 7 feet wide, and roughly 11 feet deep. The cell itself became almost another character of the video... and once lead singer Renee Phoenix was encased in her buckle-laden straight jacket, the scene was incredible. Shot entirely in full-HD on the RED One camera system, every image of the video is spectacular, and every detail is enhanced to it's fullest.

Renee's demented, tossled appearance for the padded cell scenes really made the image of a mad young woman really pop. Her hair and makeup was handled by HD makeup artist Brenna Stephens, girlfriend of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' drummer, Jon Wilkes

As we wrapped on day 1, after a 15 hour straight shoot, we knew the footage was looking awesome. We definitely have something magical. Now it's on to day two... flashbacks to the moments right before the jump into insanity!

Thanks to everyone who helped out on set as extras and as crew!

Cast and crew for day 1 of shooting:
Renee Phoenix - Rock Star Lead Singer
Gus Holwerda - Director, Producer
Luke Holwerda - Director of Photography, Producer
Thomas Amason - Producer, Crew/ set construction
Chris Herron - "Doctor" extra, Producer, Crew / set construction
Brad Murren - Crew / set construction
Brenna Stephens - Hair and makeup
Mike Vallone - Crew / set construction
John Clay - "Mental Patient #1"
David Hayes - "Orderly"

...and check out for music and updates.

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Omar Roberto said...

Wow, this actually looks really good, I think insanity and musc videos go hand in hand.

You guys did an amazing job with the set. And he girl starring in it is really pretty.

Props to everyone! Hope to see the finished video soon.