Sunday, August 30, 2009

Def Leppard + Poison @ Cricket Pavilion

I've always sort of been a Def Leppard fan. Any time a "Pour Some Sugar On Me" comes on the radio I crank it up. I was ready to be 80's rocked last night for the Def Leppard and Poison show. I think I was pretty adequately rocked too.

I've said it before, but at some shows 'getting the shot' is difficult, making listening to the show is tough. I could hear enough to know that it was a good show, however. I'm not super familiar with Poison, having only just been born in the 80's, but they rocked it. The crowd was absolutely into it.

Bret Michaels could still reel in the crowd and C.C. DeVille could still shred the solos. If piles of female undergarments are any gauge of a good rock show, this one rocked pretty hard. (see pic below)

When Def Leppard came on stage, I was pretty excited. Seeing Rick Allen atop the drum riser, fist raised in the air, ready to rock some faces off, the crowd roared. By the time I saw Joe Elliot and Phil Collen, I was torn between wanting to watch the show and wanting to photograph. (that wasn't a pun)

I was surprised at how together the band was. I had some fears they might not be as solid as they once were, but from what I could hear I can't knock em. I didn't notice any missed notes on Elliot's part, or any flubbed guitar licks by Collen. I would have really enjoyed watching this show. I especially regret missing a chance to hear "Love Bites" live. A personal favorite. It might be cheesy by today's standards, but there are some interesting musical devices and changes in that song that I appreciate.

Guitar players with no shirts on has never looked cool to me... a straight man... but I think when it comes to Phil Collen, you pretty much expect it. I wonder what he does when they tour Russia?

All in all, shooting conditions were pretty manageable. The stage was high, with lots of floor monitors, making it difficult to get the epic, centered wide angle shots I love... but I got what I could get. There was a long cat walk, and the photogs weren't allowed to shoot from that section... which meant no changing sides. You take what you can get.

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