Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photo in Spin Magazine

I have a photo in the current issue of Spin magazine. (January) It's a photo of Metallica advertising the best live photos of the year on Read below for the back story.

So back in October I was asked to cover the Metallica tour kick off for This was a ridiculously huge honor for me! (Click here to link to the story) Since I didn't have this blog back then, I didn't post any photos...but I've attached a few for today. The show was amazing! Even if you're not the biggest Metallica fan, you can still enjoy the show and the time put into it. It was "in the round", on a square stage, and it was just an awesome show! Lasers, lights beaming out of giant coffins hanging over the stage, pyro, and obviously a great band. It was a really welcome surprise from the sort of doldrum you can get stuck with.

The show was at Glendale Arena, and it was an amazing experience. From a photogs point of view, it was great. Well, the first song was only lit with lasers. :) So that was hard to shoot, but after that, it became progressively easier to shoot. By the end of the 3rd song, there was quite a lot of light to play with. Time to craft your shot. My only qualm was that Kirk Hammett was a little elusive. But from a show stand point...he was working his ass off playing to everyone in the arena. The photo I got of Lars with his tongue out is one of my favorites of all my photos.
One of my favorite shoots, to be sure.

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