Monday, January 26, 2009

Willie Nelson @ the Dodge Theatre

A living legend. It was great to see him still doing his thing. He looked happy. Lots of smiles to an excited crowd. What a catalog of songs to choose from! I wish I could have stayed to listen longer. I was only allowed to shoot for the first 2 songs. And they went quick. I sort of got stuck in a weird "I'm photographing Willie Nelson" daze. I didn't have much room to move around to get shots...there was no barricade for this show...myself and 2 other photogs just had to squeeze in the aisle up front. But it was a fun time.
Before he came out, a tech set up his signature, beautifully worn Martin N-20 acoustic guitar, "Trigger", at the front of the stage. It was a trip to see that up close. Lots of history, that. Willie was quoted as saying that when the hole he made in Trigger's body makes it unplayable, he will retire.
Good lighting, nothing real exciting...but not bad. Again, I just wish I could have watched more.

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