Friday, January 30, 2009

O.A.R. @ the Birds Nest

So the big golf tournament is in town again. Each night they have music in the Bird's Nest, which is basically just a big tent. Last night was O.A.R.. They were good. They put on a good show, and the drunk crowd was really into it. I'd actually never heard of them before. I'd describe them as a friendly, accessible light rock band. But all in all, a good show.

Hanging around a bunch of drunk Scottsdale 30 - 50 somethings, is not really my idea of a good time, so I took off after my predestined 2-song shoot time. But not before I snagged a few shots from the back of the house to get the crowd. At the top of the 'nest' hung 2 large orbs. (I'm an orb person) These orbs had projectors inside of images could be played on them. I thought it was pretty cool.

As for the lights. Some of the set was completely back-lit, so I had to just chill to get the shots I needed. Also, I'm experimenting more with RAW format shooting. Generally, for a 400px wide photo that just shows up online, I prefer not to shoot in such a large format, but you never know what shot you might want for a portfolio. So far I'm really happy with the flexibility that comes with RAW shooting. I shall do more.

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