Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scorpions @ Dodge Theatre

Does rock come any harder and more awesome than the Scorpions?? No I don't think so. When you think of the best hard rock driving song, you instantly think "Rock You Like A Hurricane"... and you'd be right. The best song to pump your fist to? Naturally you say "No One Like You". Hey, I can't argue with that logic, we're on the same page here. The greatest song to accompany your animal-based, adult comedy cartoon by the same name... while driving... and pumping your fist... "The Zoo". Of course... I just about to say that, slow down!

Yes. Needless to say, last night was a total f'ing rock fest! Right from the start. The back-lighting as drummer James Kottak climbed on stage and put his sticks in the air got the sold out crowd going nuts. Moments later, his drum kit ascends 20 feet in the air, and the rocking begins in proper top form. During my three song allotment, I didn't notice a single person sitting down. These people already knew their asses were in the process of getting rocked off... and they were glad of the pain their German freunde inflicted.

Granted, I probably sound like a pretty legit Scorpions lexicon. You're probably thinking, "This guy really knows his stuff. He's probably just as much of a rocker as they are. I can't believe his wife's luck." Go on then. But honestly, I'm actually only really familiar with the radio hits from the Scorpions. But, I am REALLY familiar with them. Except for all the lyrics... I swear it goes German on me in some parts of "Wind Of Change". But that doesn't change how hard it rocks. And that doesn't mean I can't whistle right along, and air guitar all the solos. (If you're my friend on Facebook you can check out a video I made of me playing the intro to No One Like You with a loop pedal... it was my homage to the band)((Loop pedal... meaning in take I played the opening chords, then on the same take laid down the first solo, then played the harmony right on top.))

It's been a while since I've shot from the floor at the Dodge Theatre. It seems the acts that frequent that venue tend not to like a camera right in their ear... so they usually like to push us back to the sound board. But ze Scorps didn't mind. There was no pit to speak of, but I was able to hang out on the sides of the stage, and shoot from the perimeter behind the first 5 rows of seating on the floor. It wasn't a bad deal! Oddly, well maybe not 'oddly', but there were 11 photographers last night! Generally the number of photogs tells you how legit a band is. And while it wasn't Arena... the Scorpions still managed to dominate Arizona, and "occupy" that special place inside a hard rocker's heart.

On one brief side note... the photo pass for the Scorpions was enourmous! It is AS big as the Metallica pass I got... but it's a tie. Who could possibly top that?

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