Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kings Of Leon @ Cricket Pavilion

Kings of Leon, what can I say? They are a sensation right now. A fact that was supported by the near capacity crowd at Cricket Pavilion on Saturday night. It was a muggy, hot evening... and the crowd was getting ancy by the time KOL took the stage.

Right from the get go it felt like I was at a Mariah Carey concert. "No shooting the lead singer straight on"... "Stay on either side of center stage"... "No changing sides is allowed"... "Don't stand on 1-ft tall concrete riser to get a better shot". Being sweaty, covered in camera gear, and told how much I was not allowed to do made this a pretty unexciting show to shoot. On top of that, I left my two nice CF cards at home, and only had a small 512k card to work with. So none of the photos were shot in RAW format, and I only had a few shots to work with.

I managed to skate by and get some decent shots. But you can tell from these photos how difficult it was to get any nice angles. I was positioned in front of the bass player, so I was able to shoot him all night and get neat photos with interesting lights and LED screens behind him. But getting the lead singer meant getting a stage wall as the backdrop. Again... why do bands make their photos suffer?

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