Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snoop Dogg Party

Ok, so this weekend was "All Star Weekend"...the NBA all-star game was in town. Lots of parties and celebrities follow the big pro sports events...I covered two shows this time around. I figured I'd give them both their own post...equal weighted reviews. Anyways, the first was Saturday night at a club called Barcelona, 'hosted' by Snoop Dogg.

I showed up at about 9:30pm and didn't know what to expect. I got my media wristband and was told that Snoop would show up around 10:45pm, there would be a lingerie fashion show, and that there would be celebs showing up at all hours. For some reason, I fooled myself into thinking I wouldn't be there all night. So about 30 minutes in, the fashion show starts up. It was not particularly 'well-lit'. Just a few lights on pointed in random areas. The venue is more set up as a dance floor, rather than a stage set up. But I managed to snap a few good pics.
After the fashion show I just sort of hung around, waiting for Snoop and other celebs. I waited by the red carpet entrance and snapped a few pics of celebs. Such as Playboy playmate Pilar from August 2004, and Warren Sapp of the Oakland Raiders and Dancing with the Stars.
So, a while goes by, it's roughly 11:15pm now, and the promoter tells me and the other huddled photogs that Snoop would be here in 10 minutes. 12:15am rolls around and snoop finally pulls in. His black Merc surrounded by fans and security. They head straight for the back door, but the promoter herds them to the red carpet area first for a few pics. We start snapping. Snoop is clearly in a daze. Someone over my shoulder says "Snoop looks tired". After a few minutes of the other photogs and myself trying to get Snoops attention, he soon turns and walks away.
Later on, I waited inside for Snoop to take the stage...surrounded by single 30 and 40-somethings. It was actually quite uncomfortable. By 1:00am, Snoop had not taken the stage, but this didn't deter the drunk crowd from having a good time on their own as they one-by-one got up on stage and started shakin-it. There were two "ladies" in front of me who hopped up on stage and started that slow, drunk groove. I had to take a second look, as they reminded me of teachers I had in elementary school. I started feeling really awkward and out of place. I waited until about 1:20am, and since Snoop was no where to be seen, I bolted.

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