Friday, February 6, 2009

Fit For Rivals EP cover

My friend Thomas Amason, of various past success ful projects, has started a new band. The band is called Fit For Rivals. It could be described as a sort of hard rock, yet pop-sensible group, with a raspy female lead singer. Very cool! Their first gig was to open for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus this month, and this would serve as their official EP release. Thomas asked if I could throw something together for their cover photo. While I had nothing really in mind, there was this thing I was toying with. It was actually a really interesting stain on the sidewalk where I go for walks. I would always walk past it thinking, "I should do something with that." So I snapped a pic with my wife's Canon Elph and started experimenting. I had a pretty simple, yet exact idea in my head what I was going to do with it. I already had the colors picked, and the rest of the set up. I wanted to throw in this sort of 'arrow-ish' symbol, which I put together in photoshop. Here is the end result:

Pretty basic, but its what I had in mind, and the band seemed to like it. They slapped their font on it. And actually, through a confused text message conversation, we came up with a pretty cool title for the EP, "Was that our youth?"

Check out the bands myspace page here.

PS. I went back to take another photo of the famous stain...and it has since been washed away.

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