Monday, November 24, 2008

Fender Jaguar project

So. In my band, Smokescreen, I play a Fender Jaguar as my main guitar...which I had customized, some time back, to feature new pickups, different switching, and added phasers to it. Just basically more ways to get more noises out of the guitar. And it looks spiffy.

See photo:

Anyways. I decided to do it again, to a different Jag, but this time I'd wire it all myself, with slightly different pickups. And I added a cutoff switch...again...more noise. But I did all this on a used guitar, which had some body damage. Rather than repair it, I decided to make the damage much worse. Thereby, giving it more character. I beat it up with a hammer and screwdriver...dragged it across the concrete...burned it...raked the rock yard with all the metal pieces...until it was good and ready. Basically a really fun and destructive project.

Anyways, I'm in love with the guitar now...check out the new photos!

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hailtheking said...

mnice guitar man, cool photos. I wish i could get nice photos for my guitars.