Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coldplay @

So. I have sort of a weird outlook on Coldplay now. I didn't like them when "Yellow" hit...then I came around when the "A rush of blood to the head" album came I sort of don't like them again. And to make it worse, I got the confirmation that I would be shooting them...but was told to bring a long lens, I wasn't real happy. (This meant, I'd be shooting from far away.) Normally, this sort of thing is expected at shows with 'older' band members on stage. Anyways, whatever. They played. It was good. A bit dark to start with...from a photog's point of view. But I managed to get a few shots I liked.


The bad thing about having to use a long lens, and only having one camera, is that I can miss some cool shots. For example, at the end of the 4th song (when the photogs get kicked out) Chris and Jonny ran to the cat walk where I was stationed, and I couldnt take a single photo. I tried to change lenses, but by the time I did, they were gone. Shame.


Patricia said...

Yeah, two cameras would have been the ideal. I was very frustrated by the lack of variety in my shots. Anyways, at least we got to shoot them :-)

Stop by my site to check out some of the photos!

See ya around!

PS: Any good shows coming up?

BlankImageArts said...

You got some great shots from the cat walk! Especially the one with Chris and Jonny. I told myself to change lenses earlier...but, nope. But it could have been worse.

Nice job!

GOOD shows??