Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Film project... "Intersect"

Hello friends, and random passers-by... I wanted to take a moment to post about a project I'm working on. It is a feature length Sci-Fi film called "Intersect", and I am working as the Director of Photography on it, my brother Gus wrote it and is directing. It will be shot on RED, and stars Jason Spisak of Piranha 3D and FOX's Lie To Me. Over the course of preproduction and shooting, I have been blogging about the experience on a different blog, click here to see. During the shoot, I will be curving my concert photography to focus on the film. Please check it out and feel free to comment! Here are a few pics from the set, and the most recent "behind-the-scenes" video. Thanks!

Intersect blog.

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