Sunday, May 2, 2010

Conan O'Brien @ Dodge Theatre

Booked as "The legally prohibited from being funny on television tour"...Conan O'Brien, America's funniest and best talk show host, made an epic appearance in Phoenix Friday night. Playing to a sold out Dodge Theatre, and none of that sissy "half capacity" Dodge Theatre... Conan seriously rocked the house.

The evening started with Conan's house band playing 2 songs on their own with LaBamba and Mark Pender taking turns on lead vocals. Everyone was there except Max Weinberg... But it was still a lot of fun watching that band play. The horn section at one point ran through the Theatre playing along with the rest of the band on stage. It was nice to see them get a chance to shine, I smiled while they played.

After the band played, there was a short, humorous film about Conan's state of being after the tonight show.... And the training leading up to the tour. I was restricted from shooting the band playing or the the video... But was allowed to start once Conan walked on stage. The house went nuts when he went on. This was the rowdiest crowd I've ever seen at the Dodge. Conan bathed in the applause... Strolling across the stage greeting the crowd before diving in to the show.

It's hard to commentate on a comedy show, but Conan was very much as "on" in person as he was on The Tonight Show. It was a lot of fun to see live. My Conan-side press contact who oversaw all the photogs as we shot worked on the Tonight Show as well. I asked her about the tour, she said it has been amazing... Sold out every city... And had to add an extra date in Vegas, which was where they were headed next. It's a great testament to Conan's staying power with the fans.

All in all it was an amazing night. I only wish I wasn't shooting from the sound board.

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