Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Haunter (film)

This weekend I helped out on the set of "The Haunter", my brother Gus' new film. To explain the plot would take be a lengthy blog in itself, but lets condense it to a sci-fi/suspense/horror film... about a man separated from his family, caught in the worst possible situation, and surrounded by dark visions.

Besides documenting the on-set mania, I helped with lighting the shots as well as watching the monitor for any slip ups or continuity issues.

This movie is going to be filmed exclusively on the new Red HD camera. If you don't know what the Red is... look it up! Its about the most amazing camera in the industry today. In the photo below, you can see it teetering on a skateboard atop a bar.

The purpose of the shoot this weekend was to capture one scene from the film, a scene that touches on the emotional chunk of the story, but also has a bit of the horrific side to it as well. The blend of the two will paint the picture for the rest of the movie. This scene will be edited together and used for purpose of pitching the script to studios and investors.
The film stars Jason Spisak and Scarlett O'neil.

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