Monday, April 6, 2009

Cobra Starship + All Time Low @ Mesa Amp

I wanted to post a few more pics from the Fall Out Boy show... these were the two opening bands I managed to photograph. (I posted the FOB pics earlier... but moved these under that post)

The first was All Time Low. Holy Jesus... talk about lewd and overly vulgar. I mean... I say that, but I wasn't personally offended. These kids were talking about oral sex with each other and the young girls in the audience... most of whose parents were also in attendance. I guess you have to shock people... but sheesh! Wow, do I sound old?

Cobra Starship was up next. Lots of energy here. The lead singer was pretty nuts... running all over the place, jumping off stuff and just generally happy to be there.

I figured I snapped some ok shots, might as well post them. As with the Fall Out Boy pics... the light was very decent. They didn't use all the same lights as Fall Out Boy... but there was pretty ample lighting. It was easy to shoot in that respect... but in the pit with me was about 8 or so young girls who some how landed the opportunity to shoot in the pit... they were all pretty gobsmacked. Just staring at the bands most of the time. :)

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