Monday, March 9, 2009

Jimmy Eat World @ Marquee Theatre

The 10 year anniversary of the album "Clarity" brought Jimmy Eat World back to Phoenix last night, to a sold-out show at the Marquee Theatre. This was a calm crowd, but they were happy to have their band back. It was fairly cool outside by the time the show started, so the interior of the Marquee wasn't as moist and sweaty smelling as it could have been. The band started things slow, getting the crowd revved up little by little.

There was only a small barricade for this show. Meaning, not much room to move around in... and the barricade actually had a step on the front side for security to stand on. This just meant the photogs couldn't stand up to shoot. We were all sort of squatting right in front of the people in the front row. Moving from side to side, I could hear all kids singing along to the songs in my ear.

As I was setting up my camera preshow, I looked at the light setup. It was all the normal Marquee lights, and a bunch of extra automated lights peppered in. Which were being tested as I was looking at them. I was quite excited, thinking there would be some great lights for this shoot. But alas, not during the first 3 songs. Actually, due to a medley, and security not catching it... we got to shoot 4 songs. Which really helped, because the light was really dim in the first few songs.

I started the set with a 70-200mm f2.8 set at ISO-800. But a few minutes in, I had to bump it up to 1600. My shutter was much too slow to not blur. While I don't like shooting at 1600, sometimes you have to. Better to get the shot and have it be slightly noisy than to miss it completely.

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